Backpacking . . travelling on a budget.


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You have seen and probably heard all the stories about backpacking. Try to erase those preconceived ideas from your mind, while we talk dollar signs.

Travelling doesn’t always have to be inclusive of the best hotels – or lavish nights out on the town. Travelling with a budget in mind doesn’t sound as free as heading off without a limit and planning to spend. Hear us out, we have got some tips to help you do both – and come out of the holiday with funds!

Backpacking doesn’t have to include all the grit and grime that you may have once considered as a young teen. Many “hostels” overseas are just smaller and compact hotel rooms. Depending what star rating you go for, you can find a lot of hostels have their own rooms, sleeping from 2-12.

Planning to budget on living accommodation will help to keep the costs down. If you are planning on spending a lot of time out exploring your wonderful new surroundings then chances are you just need a comfortable bed to sleep, and a place to store your items.

If you are up for it – take a chance and break up the hotels with a different hostel or backpacker’s lodge. Many are family friendly and even offer breakfast included in the price of accommodation! Look around, search on websites and look for the best deals – you will be surprised with what you find, and what you can save!


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