Bills, Bills and More Bills.

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We all suffer when our monthly or even fortnightly bills come along. It seems like all savings for that month go out the window as the bills rack up.

Car Rego, Phone Bills, electricity and common living expenses all take a toll and it tends to weigh your finances and wallet down.

Don’t be discouraged; there is a way to open letters during this period without worry getting in the way. Prepare for the future, you know when your bills are due, so rather than paying a hefty lump sum, why not chip away at it in the lead up?

For example, 6-month vehicle registration can cost a whopping $400. However, imagine if you split that amount over the six months, you would be looking at $66/month. Now doesn’t that seem a tad easier, you can take a deep breath and begin to breathe again!

Unless your bills fluctuate in cost, you should be able to be prepared for them when the time comes. Try setting a reminder monthly, to chip away at the bills. Whether it is saving just that little extra for a few bills, or tackling the bigger bills – it will all ease your burden a little.

Another quick tip can be to reconsider the delivery of these bills – if you have the option for fortnightly or monthly consider which option works best for you. Separating bills, rather than paying them in a huge hit will allow them to feel a lot less burdensome – and allow you to feel a little less overwhelmed!

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