This Financial Services Guide (FSG) dated 17 July 2017 (part 1) is issued with the authority of AIW Dealer Services Pty Ltd ABN 59 153 322 420 Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) No. 414256.

It is designed to assist you in determining whether to use any of the services offered by AIW Dealer Services acting through it’s Authorised Representatives and contains information about:

  • AIW Dealer Services, who, as the AFS Licensee, is responsible for the financial services

  • Your financial advisor who provides the services to you on AIW Dealer Services behalf

  • The financial services and products your financial advisor can provide

  • How AIW Dealer Services, your financial advisor and other related parties are paid for the services provided to you

  • Any associations or relationships that could create potential conflicts of interest

  • Details of our Professional Indemnity Insurance

  • Whom to contact should you have a complaint or require records of advice

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