How can I make my pay check work for me?

Whether you are paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly – making your pay-check last and work for you, does take discipline.

As your money comes in week to week, the bills tend to pile up and add to the weekly money stresses. Increases in taxes and other unaccounted expenses are some small reasons for budgeting and to allow for a safety net.

Monthly pay-checks are deceiving and that hard earned money does look like a huge lump sum to spend. Before you pay all your bills and spend your hard earned money – let’s stop and dare we mention the word . . . budgeting.

Although the word is often associated with “skimping” and general sensibility with your money, it will make you that much happier and relaxed when push comes to shove. Budgeting can extend to weekly amounts set aside for shopping and necessities and then extend to an amount set to spend on coffee’s, lunches out and other spur expenses.

Once you lay out your financial income, it will become easier to see what money you do and don’t have, at your disposal. When it is in clear sight, the excitement will fade, seeing your income segregated, however it will be definitely worth it in the long run.

Ensuring that you spend the money you do have and save what you can, it will decrease the stress when something unexpected arises. Say goodbye to that heart sinking feeling when your car decides to make that noise and say goodbye to the stress of unexpected fines or parking tickets.

See – budgeting isn’t all bad!

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