Ride to work each day









The battle between cyclist and motorist has been going on since the invention of the motor vehicle, and will continue into our future. However, as a money saving and health gaining exercise, cycling has many positives:

  • you get fit while you commute;
  • you get to work quicker each day and don’t stuck in traffic – (your boss will be happy and you may even get that job promotion);
  • you get to enjoy the outdoors and everything Australia has to offer;
  • you will stay trim, taut and terrific – just think how good your suit or dress will look like on you now;
  • you will be helping the environment and leaving less of a carbon footprint; and
  • you will save money – more money to go towards something special, could be a beach holiday or a new dress? Better than spending it on your car.

With all of these benefits, why wouldn’t you start today? Ask your employer if you have facilities at your work to support your cycling (such as bike racks, showers etc), or visit your local city council to find out if you have a local cycling center that offers showers and security for your bike. Put together a cycling group with your work colleges.


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