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Women Holding Piggybank With Clothes Hanging On Rack At Shop
Sometimes when you are saving it can feel like everyone is trying to make you spend money.

It can be a struggle to discuss money with friends, it can be a very personal thing – but giving a little insight to your friends will allow your saving to become less of a burden. When people become gain even a small amount of insight into your plans to save, it will become easier to offer alternatives in order to spend less.

Sharing like-minded goals will also enhance your drive to save – such as saving for a holiday with friends, or both saving for a car etc. There is a preconception that when you are saving you miss out on a lot of “fun things”, although it may feel like that, becoming a tad more inventive in how you spend time will in turn reduce the rate in which you spend money.

Look into ways you and your friends can cut costs – if you are finding your rent is too expensive, and you have a spare room, why not ask a friend to move in, and split costs with you.

Becoming money savvy doesn’t have to involve the culling of fun times, just because you want to spend less money, doesn’t mean you have to spend less time on what you love – just challenge yourself to spend less.

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