The Perks for the Work

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We have talked before about what your job entails – and what it should include. It is extremely important to understand your contract and job description in order to fulfil expectations, and also to ensure you are getting paid your worth.

Look into your super, which fund you are with – what are the interest rates, fees and charges etc. Ensure that this is the best fund for you – and that you know exactly where your money is going, because after all, it is your super.

Don’t be afraid to look around – and compare your salary to similar jobs. It is important to understand the salary attached to your position, and to weigh up your experience with the salary you are offered. Depending on circumstance and the financial status of your company – consider discussing a pay rise.

Understanding your contract is a crucial step in understanding your position, and further increasing your net worth in the company. A good idea of pay incentives and tax etc., will help you to gain insight into what exactly you are being paid, and why.

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