An Economic Issue; where is your money going?

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We talk a lot about saving money, and ensuring that our money is invested wisely. Saving money can extend to our eating habits, and how much we save at the beginning of a pay cheque. Direct spending aside – how often do you stop to think whether you are investing into other shops futures?

Many local stores are being forced into redundancy as chain stores, such as large clothing labels, take away some local businesses.

Strange thought isn’t it? Why should I be investing MY money into someone else’s hands? We aren’t talking direct deposits; we are talking locality rather than commonality. We have discussed the multitude of ways to save money by shopping at local stores rather than chain stores, or waiting for sales to come.

Small boutiques, one-off jewellers, home grown products are all different “investments” that we have the option of “investing” into. As home town’s begin to see the overturn of smaller stores into worldwide trending stores, we slowly see the decrease of localised business’s leave town.

Unfortunately for a lot of business’s the rent or competition is just too high – and unbeatable! However, many stock items that we wouldn’t be able to find at such a good quality, anywhere else.

Keep in mind that during economic times everyone can suffer – so if you can spend a little bit extra to support local business’s, then not only will you be helping that business directly – but you will also help our local economy to grow.

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