Are You Looking To Improve Your Financial Fitness? Here’s How A Financial Planner Will Help.

Are you dreaming of a healthier bank balance? Do you wish you had more control over your money but you’re not sure how to start? If you’re ready to trim the fat from your expenses and build a better bank balance – it might be time you partnered with a financial fitness trainer (the old people call them a ‘financial planner’).

Are You Making Your Money Work Hard For You?

So, full disclosure. I’m a financial planner – and if there’s one thing I hear time and again, it’s people expressing their desire to have more money, do more with the money they have, spend less, invest more, and plan for a more secure future. With the rising cost of living, can you be sure you’ll have enough superannuation to support the lifestyle you want when you retire? Will you ever be able to retire? Are you just going to sit back, wait, and see?

That’s what a good financial planner can do for you. Think of us like a personal trainer. You sign up to your local gym with the express desire to lose weight, gain muscle, eat better, and make better decisions about your health and well-being into the future.

Your personal trainer gives you a short-term program to establish your foundation, and over time with frequent weigh-ins, coaching, and emotional support, they guide you on your life-long journey to better health and fitness.

Why You Need A Long-Term Financial Plan

Financial planning and goal setting is a long-term strategy that is reviewed and modified over time. Like your personal trainer, a financial planner designs your financial fitness plan and:

Takes measurements

Reviews your current lifestyle, income, spending habits, expenses

Sets aspirational goals

Establishes your long-term goals and expectations for financial health and well-being

Introduces a realistic diet

Builds your financial foundation

Creates your training plan

Designs your cash-flow management strategy

Commits to ongoing weigh-ins and measurements

Keeps you accountable with regular check-ins and progress updates (but, we’re not into before and after photos – we’ll stick to graphs)

Why You Must Stop Yo-Yo Dieting With Your Financial Goals

Just like your fitness program, you must stick to your financial fitness program and you must remain accountable. Just like health and fitness, financial management is not a yo-yo diet situation – something missed one week cannot be made up by a day of fasting the following week.

It’s easy to come unstuck, fall off the wagon, and indulge in a weekend bender buying shoes, handbags, beer, and unnecessary tech gadgets. That’s why, just like a good personal trainer, a good financial planner will put together a realistic plan for you – a strategy that still allows you to have fun while you save and grow. A strategy that allows you to have your designer coffee or Sunday eggs benedict with the girlfriends – if that’s what you need to remain happy, focused, and committed to your financial goals.

Introducing an effective financial fitness plan helps you gain control of your spending habits and improves cash-flow management so you can build a healthier bank balance.

If you want to learn more about how we can improve your financial fitness, get in touch and book your free 60-minute consultation. It’ll be a life-changer.

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