School holidays – what can we do?


As the end of a school semester comes to a close, and your children’s stress’s start to ease – you may feel you stress levels rising. Have no fear, we have some tips that will keep both you and your children entertained these holidays.
School holidays can be pricey when you are entertaining – however we have a few helpful hints to spice up your school holidays.

1. “Stay in” Movie day: Instead of rushing to the cinemas on a rainy day, head to the video store on a Tuesday and grab a few movies for $1 each! New releases and television series are all reduced, allowing your family to enjoy that movie experience at a lower cost – and for longer! Not to mention that you can hire a movie that will appeal to each family member.

2. Pack your snacks/lunches: If you head out to the museums (which are free entry) and choose to make it a day trip, why not pack some snacks and lunch. Instead of splashing out $40 on food, pack some chips, sandwiches and drinks.

Remember, making a few alterations to the seemingly expensive outings, can save you a lot, and it doesn’t take too much consideration!


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