Should I sell my car through a dealership, or privately?

It’s time to upgrade or to just get rid of your first car. How should you sell it to receive the most from the sale?

As times have changed and expanded, so have the options for selling second hand items. Not only do you have the option of dealerships, but you also have Internet, print newspapers and websites dedicated to selling!

Car Sales,, Gumtree and other websites are just a few options that you have at your disposal. Keep your options open and research reasonable prices for your vehicle. It’s up to you to determine the cost, however you will need to decide on a price that is competitive.

Contributing elements such as price, timing and condition all play a part in the sale process. Depending on your vehicle, unique elements or additions, may contribute to a decrease or increase in value.

If you choose that a dealership is the way to go then you will have a little less control, however a lot less stress.

Dealerships are professional’s, they know how much your car is worth and how much they can charge. If you are upgrading, consider going through a dealership to increase your chances of a “trade”. Rather then selling your car and then making up for excess amount.

Woman receiving keys from a man in a car shop

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